Spring plant swap – from the ground up

Spring plant swap

Spring plant swap will be held on Saturday 7th May at 10.00am.

Please come along to this, the third plant swap at Abbots Corner.

Bring plants you have propagated in your own garden, and take away some bought in by other locals – you know they are likely to thrive.

I will provide :

Achillea Gold Plate
Iris Sibirica Tropic Night
Verbena Bonariensis
My own super strain of Delphinium
A few varieties of crysanthemum ( small bloom garden types, not the big monsters.
Rudbeckia Herbstonne

There are a few other plants I have small quantities of too


I am looking for these for my own projects;
Hemerocalis, any colours but yellow
Any dry or wet shade tolerant or loving plants

It’s all very simple. You bring one, and you take one.

Other contributions.

Brian has lots of the most spectacularly marbled leaved Cyclamen, and is bring those. Suitable for a shady spot and flowering late in the year until at least March.

About the spring plant swap, and further garden workshop events

Drop me a note to say what you have to bring, and what you might be looking for, and I will post it on this page .

The spring plant swap will be held on Saturday 7th May. Book your place by sending your details below.

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