Stop Box tree moth caterpillar

Stop Box tree moth caterpillar
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In 2018 much of the UK had its first experience of Box Tree Moth Caterpillar. Though it has been around since 2014, this pest has increasing  made its presence felt recently. And for many it was very much after the horse had bolted, with their Рin many cases very expensive Рbox installations reduced to sticks. That combined with the heat and lack of moisture to slow recovery, with many plants overwintering without foliage.

From the ground up has formulated a plan to address this invasion for clients, and stop box tree moth caterpillar. This involves first advising them that the pest is present, and what damage it can do. We have an effective method to try to prevent infestation. This uses a combination of pheromone traps and direct spraying. The traps contain a lure that attracts the male, so preventing any eggs laid by the female getting fertilised.

Box tree moth caterpillars can defoliate your plants in a matter of days
Box tree moth caterpillar can defoliate your plants in a matter of days

Chemical spray or a more expensive nematode solution is available to treat caterpillars directly. Spray treatment needs to be thorough and get right inside the plant, past the protective web left by the caterpillars. Pump sprays with a lance that are put right into the plant ensure that all the foliage is covered. To be effective the treatment to prevent caterpillars must be repeated every 7-10 days between March and October.

Box tree moth – practicalities

Timing of spray application is important. We spray early in the morning, helping to ensure that only the box caterpillars are treated.

Bacillus thuringiensis var Kurstak is a product that controls box moth. This is a natural bacterium (not a chemical insecticide) that organic farmers use to stop crop destruction by butterflies.

To stop box tree moth caterpillar use these watchwords. Awareness. Vigilance. Prevention. Treatment. Perseverance.

The final consideration is recovery. Box plants can recover from defoliation through infestation or drought. For full recovery you’ll need patience. Many box plants bear the scars of the moth onslaught after the growing season, filling out in the spring.


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